Why Choose UCM Charter Service?

  • Priority berthing in Port Humen & Port Hueneme
  • Ship is not waiting at anchor to berth
  • Bypass West Coast congestion
  • 25-day transit time
  • Proven On Time Delivery
  • No Demurrage or Detention Charges
  • All oversized 53’ Containers
  • Dedicated Team of Professionals
  • Eliminate Chassis & Trucking issues
  • Truckers & chassis pre-assigned to each container
  • Zero Destination Stacking or Sorting of Containers
  • Turn-key Trans-Pacific Solution

UCM Simplicity

Single system for managing container and shipments across distribution chain from point of origin to final destination with zero delay

Cargo loaded

UCM dedicated berthing. Supplier loads cargo in 53’ containers. No waiting. Priority loading.

Vessel loaded

Containers loaded and supervised by UCM at Port Humen.

Direct Service to USA

Direct sailing to Port Hueneme, CA. Berth in 25 days. No other ports, direct to USA and no waiting at anchor.

Vessel Unloaded

Preferential berth and equipment to unload the Vessel. Upon arrival ship begins unloading.   From arrival to completion is 48 hours.

Direct to Chassis/
No Grounding

Each container is pre-assigned to a driver and new chassis for delivery made at the point that each container is planned. Each container is set for delivery to customer or UCM drop yard.

Delivery to Customer

Team coordinates D.O. process to ensure on time deliveries. Wheeled discharge ready for last- mile delivery. Speed from vessel arrival to gate out is measured in minutes.