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CBR Holdings is the FDA-registered branch of UCM for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) products, with a specialized focus on sourcing product and providing the logistics services to move the product.

Legacy + Experience = Global Reach

United Cargo Management (UCM) is an independent NVOCC that has withstood three decades of dynamic growth and change in the international logistics industry. Our leaders bring more than 150 years of combined industry experience, with bicoastal headquarters in Los Angeles and Charleston.

As members of the MarcoPoloLine Group, we have a substantial global footprint, with access to more than 400 offices worldwide. This is a strategic advantage in making supply chain management efficient and competitive.

Warehousing Customs Clearance Port of Origin Secured Transport Product Inspection Secure Allocation Last Mile Delivery

Factory-Direct Secure Allocation

What sets our program apart, is the risk free DDP shipping option where the transaction is not completed until the gloves are through Customs and landed in the U.S. We have PPE product allocations available with factories in Malaysia and China and we oversee the entire process from factory to shipping to arrival in the U.S. In addition, we ensure brands are authentic, inspected, and FDA- and 510K-certified products. Because of this agility and efficiency, we offer clients a more competitive price and streamlined process.

Financing Program

CBR offers a financing program that allows the buyer to keep funds in the United States and purchase the products only once they have arrived on U.S. soil and are cleared by our in-house customs broker. Clients have no financial transactions until the products are stateside.


Boots on the Ground and Product Inspection

Whether we are vetting on the ground supply in warehouses in the U.S. or in overseas factories, we have our teams present and hands on. We have boots on the ground in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, China, and U.S. We are your eyes and ears onsite at the factory and the warehouses, monitoring product inspections and loading. Our top priority is the secure loading, transport, and delivery of your goods.

We schedule the product inspections and have our teams present during the inspection itself, as well during the secure loading of product for transport. It’s 360-degree oversight.


Secure Transport Through U.S. Customs Clearance

UCM has an in-house customs broker regulated by United States Customs and Border Protection to assist clients with meeting federal requirements governing imports to the United States. His expertise includes entry procedures, admissibility requirements, classification, valuation, and the rates of duty and applicable taxes and fees for imported merchandise.



We warehouse our PPE equipment on U.S. soil. UCM offers full warehouse services including palletizing, sorting, and shrink-wrapping. The product can be picked up at the warehouse or we can schedule delivery.


Last Mile Delivery

We also have an expert team that handles the final piece of the journey, which we call Last-Mile Delivery. In this stage, we oversee the delivery of the product from the warehouse to the end buyer.

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